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Lakeisha Armstrong: As a sociology major, Lakeisha has taken courses on the prison industrial complex, and visited the regional women’s prison, Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, which has an impact on her. Since this visit, she has thought about the treatment of prisoners. For her documentary, she will be focusing on the impacts of solitary confinement on prisoners, families, and society at large.


Rakeem Brookins: As a native of Philadelphia, Rakeem grew up in a neighborhood containing crime and violence, with many folks that he knew personally being stabbed or gunned down. Growing up in this context, Rakeem chose to do his documentary project on the topic of Black on Black crime. As this topic is sensationalized in the media, he will attempt to present a more personal and sociological perspective on inner-city violence crime.


 Danielle Carl: As an Army ROTC student at Siena, Danielle became interested in the issue of how war veterans returning with injuries adjust to their post-war life. Danielle is also an equestrian, riding horses since she was a small child. Combining these two interests, her documentary project will follow a paralympian competition. Paralympians are athletes that are challenged with a physical disability.


Max Clayton: As a young child, Max developed debilitating arthritis, which landed him in a wheelchair for ten years. He has spent his youth in and out of doctor’s offices, taking prescription medication, and dealing with his health issues with the support of his family. But he realized, that without the great health insurance that his family provided, he would be in a much more desperate situations–like other people are. For this project, Max will do his documentary project about the cost of prescription medication and its impact on people in the United States.


Lindsey Guidarelli: After taking a course called Crime and Justice, Lindsey became interested in the topic of how incarceration impacts families, especially children of inmates. Because of this interest, she will be doing her documentary project on the impacts of imprisonment on the child’s life.


CJ (Christian Jacobs): CJ was born with kidney abnormalities, which created many health issues during his early life. In 2000, he was given a kidney transplant. Additionally, he became a participant in the “transplant games,” where transplant recipients compete in sports competitions. Because of this experience, CJ is doing his documentary project about the transplant games, following characters with different transplant issues and sporting events.


Nichole Moocz: Coming from a family of immigrants from Hungary, Nichole has experienced issues related to immigration. She has been very socially active in immigrant communities and cultural clubs, and therefore, decided to focus on the issue of immigration for her documentary project. This work will focus on  the negative impacts of immigration and social inequality upon children of immigrants.


Jack Mulvaney: As someone who has lived around the world–born in Hong Kong, resided in New York, California, Maine, Boston, and now, Albany–Jack has a deep perspective on how people live. Because of this perspective, he will be focuses his documentary project about socioeconomic inequalities related to housing segregation. While we may think of segregation as something in the past, it is alive and well in most of our American cities. Jack will be looking at segregation in the Albany, NY area in particular.


Lauren Ryan: As a high school student, Lauren took a camping trip to Pennsylvania with her Girl Scout troop and it was a transformative experience. Sleeping in a tent under the stars, experiencing the natural world in a way she had never experienced it before, changed her life. How does the natural environment impact people? We know all about how people have altered the environment. For her documentary project, Lauren will focus on the transformative impact of nature upon people.


Lauren Whitman: Previously, Lauren worked on a short documentary about socioeconomic inequalities between two high schools in the Capital District of New York, which she will be continuing for this project. Her documentary will explore the impacts of inequality between the Schenectady and Niskayuna High Schools and the impacts it has on students and the community.


Michael Verile: As a camp counselor at a summer camp for children with illness or disability, Michael became interested in alternative summer camps. Michael chose to do his documentary project on the way in which these children experience summer camp and the impact it has on their life.


Tonio Viscusi: Tonio grew up in the carnival business with his family and continues to run a food operation for events, along with his father. His family has been in this business for three generations. Because of this experience, Tonio is focusing his documentary project on the carnival industry.


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