Week 7: Immigration & Technology

This week in class, we have guest speaker Silvia Mejia, an Assistant Professor of Spanish and American Studies at The College of Saint Rose (Albany, NY). She will be sharing her documentary film Just a Click Away From Home.


Synopsis: Speechless, Arturo and Mercedes see their children on the videoconferencing screen: it is their first reunion since the kids left Ecuador and settled in NYC, 11 years ago. Meanwhile, Gloria–whose husband migrated to Spain–promotes internet access to rescue families separated by migration, whereas Carla takes advantage of email and digital photography to report on the Ecuadorian community in Italy. Through new technologies, Ecuadorian immigrants displaced in New York, Madrid and Milan cope with nostalgia and find themselves “just click away from home.”



3 comments on “Week 7: Immigration & Technology

  1. Max Clayton says:

    Here is the link to my photography series. I posted it on october 22nd, but i don’t see it now so ill just post it again

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